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ERCHA Pullers is a quarter scale tractor pulling club located in Cedar Grove, NC on Lee's Chapel Road at Eno River Coon Hunter's Association. We have many different classes of stock and modified pulling tractors in our events which we have each month. Contestants pull for points as well as trophies. ERCHA is a place where quarter scale enthusiasts can compete in various levels of pulling and have fun doing it.

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     Ercha Tractor Pulling

"Fun For The Entire Family"

We have added 3 new classes, they are the following:
1.Kids Class
2.Limited 1,201 - 2,300cc/4cyl
3.V8 up to 360 cu. in.
(See Rules for the above)

All pulls start approx. 1 pm, Pullers should arrive early to get signed up.

Our location: 3412 Lees Chapel Road
   Cedar Grove, NC

Parking lot and track located pass blue building.
To:3412 Lees Chapel Road
Cedar Grove, NC 27231
Number and Street:
   Due to Hurricane Matthew, the pull for October 8th is
   moved to October 15th, just too much rain!

Clarifications on pulling for points.....See rules page
Changes have been made in the classes below. They can be found in the rules section in red.

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